Welcome to the website of Andrew Corbman. On this page, you can read up on finance and its different facets. Andrew is a finance graduate who has dedicated most of his professional life helping individuals and families with their retirement needs.

What is finance?

Finance by itself is a broad term that could mean anything from banking to investments. However, for the purposes of this blog, the topics focus on personal finance. The other divisions of finance are corporate finance and public finance. In general, finance concerns itself with the management of money and the different processes and methods used to acquire and maintain it. This means that income or the inflow of money is usually part of the discussion, and when it comes to personal finance, it becomes an even more important concept, or one of the foundations from which one’s retirement strategies should be based on.

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Aside from income, personal finance also deals with savings, assets, taxes, investments, and retirement. It can be labeled differently, such as “home economics”, the goal of personal finance remains the same: to make financial decisions that will ultimately fulfill one’s needs, whether they are individual or household needs. That said, a person offering guidance on personal finance may educate others on matters like investment vehicles such as mutual funds and unit trusts, or financial products like credit cards, mortgages, and life insurance.

ASC Financial

On the part of Andrew Corbman, he and ASC Financial review and analyze the financial situation of clients, helping them develop strategies that will meet their long-term or retirement goals. Andrew uses a combination of strategies centered on Fixed Annuities and Life Insurance to strengthen his clients’ retirement strategies. He believes these instruments can bridge the gaps that Social Security income benefits fall short on solving.

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